Green Climate Fund Projects

The GCF promotes country ownership and pursues a country-driven approach that recognizes the priorities of developing countries and ensures the funding harmonization with national climate strategies and plans. Therefore, developing countries appoint a National Designated Authority (NDA) or a focal point that acts as the interface between their governments and the GCF.

The NDA’s main responsibility are as follows:

  • submission of the country’s strategic priorities that have a potential to make a paradigm shift towards achieving low-emission and climate-resilient development to GCF;
  • multi-stakeholder engagement;
  • provision of no-objection letter for project/programs;
  • nomination letters for direct access;
  • approval of readiness support;

Mongolia’s National Designated Authority is the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET). There is a Climate Change Project Implementing Unit (CCPIU) within the structure of the Environment and Climate Fund (ECF) of the MET which serves as a Secretariat or supporting unit for the NDA and performs other duties, such as preparation of climate change communication reports to the UNFCCC. A consultant of CCPIU was appointed as the GCF focal point.

The NDA of Mongolia has made a great effort in accessing GCF funding in collaboration with national, regional, and international accredited entities. As a result, since 2015, the country successfully has four mitigation projects worth USD 727.2 million and four readiness projects worth USD 3.1 million approved by the Fund.